Usurper was created using The Game Assembly´s own 2D engine called TGA2D. The game is a Top-down adventure game and was made during a 6 week period, half time, with a group of 12.

As the player you play as a goblin trying to overtake the current tyrannical rule of the goblin king. You venture across a goblin infested landscape where you have to solve puzzles and defeat various goblin guards.


My part in this project was to create the various goblin guards that try to stop you from reaching the king. The various behaviors of the guards were decided using a state machine. Both the guards were using a view cone that would make them pursue the player if overlapped. The patrol Goblin was given patrol points with different priorities by the level designers and chose its next destination depending on that priority. The shield goblins negated damage received from the player if its forward was the opposite of the players.