Cold Cooperation was created using The Game Assembly´s own 2D engine called TGA2D. The game is a Shoot 'em up and was made during an 8 week period, half time, with a group of 12.

The game takes place during the cold war and the two world powers, The USA and the Soviet union, has to cooperate to defeat an incoming alien invasion. To do this they send a ship with two sides and two pilots, one from each world power. 

As the player you switch sides depending on what playing style each side has. The American side shoots in a straight pattern while the Soviet side shoots in a V-shape.


This project I started working on giving enemies a controller as well as giving the player a way to destroy enemies. Therefore i needed to create a collision system that checked if the boundaries of the sprites overlapped. After that i also worked on an animation manager that was needed for the new engine we were using. 

The miniboss had special attacks and a new movement pattern to fit the attacks. The behavior of the miniboss was handled with a simple state machine and a few behaviors.